Live performance with the legend in Virtual Reality


Jean-Michel Jarre — Virtual Avatar

Pyaré - JMJ - VRRoom — France — 2020
Alone together was a a live VR performance to celebrate Fête de la Musique 2020 with over 600,000 fans


For Jean-Michel Jarre's VR live performance, Alone Together, which was perfomed in a virtual world, broadcast in real time across different digital platforms for accessibility. When the digital and virtual reality becomes a new mode of artistic expression, the virtual avatar needs to be representative of the real artist but that also coherent with the virtual environment.

We participated in the creation of the virtual avatar for Jean-Michel Jarre, by modelling an accurate model that resembles JMJ's facial features and body proportions from reference photography and measurements. We created a rig compatible with the motion capture system to allow for a real time experience. When the model was ready, we applied the shader material, giving the avatar a futuristic hologram look, consistent with the whole show.

The target here wasn't hyperrealism as the model needed to run realtime in a variety of devices, with a low level of triangles. The focus was recognition and functionality.

Previews of the 3D model.
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